A Note from Pastor Paul Stjernholm

A Note from
Pastor Paul Stjernholm

Stewardship Tree

Dear Family of Peace,

Oftentimes we tell ourselves “my gift doesn’t make a difference,” but the offerings you make to Peace Lutheran Church really do make it possible for our congregation’s ministry to make huge differences in our community and even the world.

Right now your gift could make a big difference! This past May and June we had to replace two air-conditioning units and repair a third. And though we put aside reserves to get us through the summer months, those repairs have taken a $15,000 bite out of those reserves. At the same time regular offerings have taken their usual dip in the early weeks of summer.

All it would take to put us back on track is for each of us to give what we usually give when we give. That’s all. So won’t you take the time to make your usual gift to Peace Lutheran this month? Because when we work together our gifts do make a difference!

Thanks for your faithful partnership!

Pastor Paul