Children at Worship

Family Worship at Peace Lutheran Church

Children at Worship


Kids are welcome in worship at Peace Lutheran!

At Peace Lutheran, we believe having children of all ages and sizes in worship means they are right where they’re meant to be. As members of the family of God, they are in the process of learning how to worship — just like the rest of us.

We also know that children are children — which means they sometimes giggle, poke, move around, and talk at inappropriate times. And they also sing, pray and give offerings as fellow children of God.

What do children learn at worship?

  • They learn they are part of the family of God and are welcome in our inter-generational community.
  • They learn the sights and sounds of the sanctuary — and that these are full of good news and warmth, even if they don’t understand everything that’s happening yet.
  • They learn about giving their attention in song, prayer and offering.

Resources for Kids in Worship


It takes a village to raise and love children, and Peace wants to work with you to make worship a good experience for your family. So we have the following material available to help:


Worship ‘ n Art
We invite kids of all ages to pick up a clipboard, paper and crayons in the Gathering Space. While in the sanctuary they can draw a picture of something they see or hear in worship. This keeps their hands busy and also helps them listen to and process Bible readings, creeds and prayers. After worship they can return their clipboard and crayons and pin their picture on the bulletin board to decorate the Gathering Space and share their faith with others.

Children’s Sanctuary Bibles
Spark story bibles are located on carts right inside the main sanctuary doors. Have your child pick one up on the way in. Perhaps you can help find the day’s reading so they can look at the pictures as the lesson is read.

The Giving Jar
Your child is invited to come forward during offering to place their offering in the Giving Jar at the front of the sanctuary. Getting up and moving during the service can help children sit quietly the rest of the time. Sharing some of their resources with others if the first step to healthy stewardship. The money collected in the jar is pooled and supports local and global ministries that help children and families.

Children’s Message
Children need to hear they are part of God’s story and that God’s promise is for them — not in the future, but today. For that reason, we invite all children to come forward for a little time with the pastor during the service.

Communion Blessing
Children are invited to come forward with their parents during the serving of communion. They will receive a special blessing from the pastor.

Worship Busy Bags
Sometimes when hands are busy ears can listen better. Therefore, we have busy bags with quiet games and activities children can take into worship. Feel free to pick one up and return it at the end of the service. These activities are generally appropriate for preschoolers through early elementary children.


Kids Worshiping at Peace Lutheran