Imagine Campaign

Peace Capital Campaign 2016

The Campaign
Every day, the members of Peace Lutheran Church answer God’s call by giving of their time, talents, and treasures to support the ministries and mission of our church. Currently, a significant portion of those gifts are directed toward a loan which was secured for important improvements to Peace.

Just imagine the additional ways we could serve God if the funds currently used to pay down the mortgage could be shifted to grow ministries.

The Goal
The goal of this three-year campaign we began in June 2016 is to raise $1.4 million to retire the mortgage and to tithe a gift to the South Dakota Synod’s Campaign to raise funds to ensure pastoral leadership in the years to come by awarding seminary scholarships and paying off the debt of new pastors. Nearly $1,000,000 has been pledged and/or given so far. And in the first 12 months of the Campaign, over $430,000 was received, representing a 30% reduction in the loan principal and shortening the life of the loan by 4 years.

Call to Action
Please prayerfully consider your role in this effort as we are in the second half of the three-year campaign. Imagine being completely debt-free by June 2019 and all the things Peace Lutheran could do in God’s name once the mortgage is paid. Just imagine how your gift could impact the future of Peace’s ministry.

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Peace Capital Campaign Imagine the Possibilities