MyPeace Online Giving


Online Giving with MyPeace


Sharing your financial gifts with Peace has never been easier. Introducing the MyPeace Giving app.

This secure tool allows you to access your membership profile on MyPeace from your desktop, smartphone or other online device. You can set your annual pledge, see what you’ve given to date, even designate which funds you choose to give to.

No more coming to church and agonizing over an empty wallet or forgotten checkbook. You can consider opting out of offering envelopes altogether.

And you have the choice, whether you’re a member of Peace or not, to give from your MyPeace account, or simply give — anytime, anywhere.

Getting Started with MyPeace Giving


It’s easy to get started.

Simply click on the MyPeace App link to sign into your membership profile. If you’ve never logged in before, follow the prompts. For more information and step-by-step instructions, visit our MyPeace page.

We’ve also created step-by-step instructions, with visuals, to help you set up your pledge and giving information so you can simply give after you’re set up. Find complete instructions HERE.

Once you’re in, and your account is active, you can simply give. Try it by clicking on the button below.

Questions? Call 361-3683 or email Thank you!