New Member Information

Joining Peace LutheranPeace Lutheran is a very active church with lots of opportunities for all age groups, ranging from toddlers to senior citizens. Membership is not a requirement for involvement but membership will enhance your experiences here. We are a member-driven congregation where new ideas from members often generate new ministries and opportunities for growth and service.

We invite you to join this family of faith. Although we are a large congregation, in actuality we are a collection of medium sized congregations, since members tend to find one or two worship services they generally attend.

As a congregation, we offer a diversity of worship styles, opportunities for individuals and families to grow in faith and service to others, and a commitment to honor God’s work in the world around us. Membership is open to all who are baptized or who are open to receive baptism.

How Do I Become a Member?

It’s a new year – and a new opportunity to become an official part of the Peace family. We would love to get to know and welcome you into our community that is centered on the Good News found in Christ. The process begins by either contacting the church office (361-3683) or filling out a “Let’s Get Acquainted” form, which can be found at or at the Welcome Center. Have questions? Call!

  • New Member Class
  • New Member Potluck
  • New Members received in Worship

We ask you to fill out a Let’s Get Acquainted form and return to the church office. You also can find it at the Welcome Center (near the Sanctuary) or in the church office. We take in members on a continuous basis but formally recognize members three or four times a year, generally in September, January, April, and July. We invite new members to attend a class, be guests at a new member dinner, and attend a worship service where membership is formalized.

  • Those who are currently members of a Lutheran church can transfer their membership to Peace.
  • Those desiring to join Peace from non-Lutheran churches are asked to attend a new member class, which we hold at least three times a year. In lieu of this, interested persons can meet with one of our pastors.
  • Those with no previous church membership may attend a new member class and/or meet with one of the pastors.

Whom Can I Contact for More Information?

Our church receptionists will have information; contact them at 361-3683 or All of our pastors are willing to visit with you to answer any questions you may have. Pastor Renae Boehmer ( works with the receptionists to coordinate new-member activities. Call or email Pastor Renae at any time!

What Is Expected of Members?

As members of Peace, we live together as the body of Christ, using our individual resources as we are able to support God’s mission in Sioux Falls and beyond, both nationally and globally. We ask for members to worship regularly, to support each other in prayer, to support the ministry financially as they are able, and to share their unique gifts and talents with the congregation and/or community.

We look forward to meeting you!