Nursery & Childcare During Worship

Church Nursery & Childcare

We encourage all children to participate in worship services each week – but young children can become restless and may need a space to “get their wiggles out.” Located just off the Gathering Space, the Peace Lutheran nursery is staffed with caring volunteers during the 9, 10:10, and 11:20AM Sunday services. Saturday at 5:30PM will have the nursery open for your use, but it will not be staffed. It’s will also be open during Sunday services at 9 & 10:10AM over the summer.

The nursery is recommended for children between the ages of six months and the September following their third birthday, but please see us if you have additional needs. The nursery is staffed by consistent adults who all have training in child development. There are several reliable youth volunteers as well. We enjoy reading Bible stories and singing Bible songs to help develop young children’s growing faith. We encourage you to start bringing your children early – before their stranger anxiety kicks in – so they are familiar with the staff and space. Please remember to bring bottles, diapers, or any other personal supplies your child may need.

Parents are welcome to stay with their child for as long or short of time it takes the child to “warm-up.” We have vibrating pagers available in case your child needs you during the worship service. During services when the nursery is not open, parents are welcome to use the space to watch their own children. Come before the service starts or at any time during the service.

Child care for all ages can be arranged at other times – such as for meetings, Bible studies, etc. – with at least two weeks advance notice. Call the church office at 361-3683.