God’s Work. Our Hands.

God's Work Our HandsAt Peace we believe that ministry is about learning to live out our faith and building relationships with our neighbors. Sign up for these upcoming outreach opportunities at the Welcome Center or contact Pastor Jonathan Vehar at pastorjonathan@peacelutheran.com.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Food to You – Thursday, January 18th, 2018
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Peace’s next Food to You opportunity will be at Augustana Lutheran Church (235 North Prairie)
We’re collecting the item of the month: Mac and Cheese

Project Coordinator: Pastor Jonathan

Sponsored by Charis Ministries, a partnership of the Sioux Falls area ELCA congregations.

St. Dysmas Worship – Thursday, March 15th, 2018
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There are few places where the love, mercy, and grace of God seem more radical than when the Good News is preached behind prison walls. This was what happens each week at the St. Dysmas prison congregation, where those who go to worship hear not words of condemnation and judgment (they live those words each and every day) but instead the life giving words of Jesus. Words that don’t change the past but the future, to hope and reconciliation. Worshiping with St. Dysmas may be one of the scariest things you do (the first time). There is much that is uncertain. Much that seems intimidating. The thick walls, barbed wired fences, and steel bars. But those visuals only tell one part of the story. I find it more telling how often it is that those who braved worshiping at St. Dysmas once, go back time and time again. There in lies the power of Jesus’ gospel. The power to transform and make new the things in our world that are broken.

Being right after Christmas, it is hard to find churches who will help organize a group to attend. But being around Christmas also makes it a wonderful opportunity to live out the meaning of Jesus coming as we help to give hope to those who are incarcerated.

God Bless,
Pastor Jonathan Vehar

Healthy Rides Drivers

Healthy Rides is a relatively new ministry of the ELCA Congregations in Sioux Falls that provides rides to health appointments for seniors and low income people.  Be part of a pool of drivers to take people to health appointments as it works within your schedule.  Project Coordinator:  Pastor Paul

Peace Angels

Be part of a group from Peace who does volunteer work for the staff of Pettigrew Elementary School doing a variety of classroom prep work for teachers.  Meets 10 a.m.—noon on Thursdays during the school year.  Project Coordinators:  Darlene Runyan and Bonnie Peterson