Pastoral Call Committee

call committee

Pastoral Call Committee – 2016

Peace is seeking to call two new pastors following the departure of Obed Nelson and Rolf Svanoe:

The Call Committee has been at work – and they have done their work well. Join us on Sunday, July 31st at 11:30am for a special congregational metting to consider their recommendation to call two exceptional candidate to fill these positions. The Holy Spirit has blessed us with an incredible opportunity in presenting both of these pastors to Peace. We hope to see you there.

In you have any questions, please feel free to call the church office at 605-361-3683 or email

Pastoral Call Committee Members

Michelle Adams  —  Shauna Domagalski  —  Michael Leffring  —  Chet Morben  —  Mark Schlueter  —  Lindsay Boehmer  —  Dan Elsasser  —  Cassie Gusso

Gayleen Riedemann  —  Jerad Shaw