Prayer Shawl Ministry

Knitting Shawls for Those in Need of Prayer

Prayer Shawl Ministry at Peace LutheranThe Peace Prayer Shawl Ministry is a small group of women who turn their love of knitting and crocheting into a prayer ministry for the benefit of members of Peace Lutheran Church.

Many people are in need of prayer. The prayer shawls are for those who are in special need of being “wrapped” in prayer and have encountered death of a loved one, serious or chronic illness, surgery, emotional trauma, or deployment. The shawl will be a reminder that the recipient is being lifted up in prayer.

A gentleman diagnosed with cancer was given a prayer shawl by our ministry. Though he was not given a great prognosis, this gentleman chose to undergo treatment. Prior to his first session, he received his shawl. The shawl had been put to good use throughout his treatment, there to snuggle in when cold and simply to remind him others were praying for him when he felt alone. About three months into his treatment, the prognosis was much better. Feeling he had been blessed, he credited God with his good prognosis and his shawl with keeping his spirits up and his focus on the Lord.

Individuals who knit and crochet gather on the third Tuesday of each month, from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m., in the Peace Lutheran Church Conference Room. Please consider this as a ministry opportunity. You are welcome to become a part of the team even if you have never knitted or crocheted but would like to learn. The basic patterns are listed below.

Also, the group always needs donations of yarn. Some of you may want to support the ministry in this way instead of actually knitting. If you have yarn or would like to purchase some for a prayer shawl, Lion Brand Homespun yarn is recommended since it is a very soft yarn; any soft yarn is acceptable. Contact Peace ( for more information.

If you have a request for a shawl to be given to someone outside of our church membership, depending on availability, we would gladly furnish one for a minimum donation of $25 to our ministry. Members of the Prayer Shawl team have estimated that it takes a minimum of ten to twelve hours for an experienced knitter/crocheter to create one prayer shawl, depending on the pattern used.

Anyone wishing to distribute a shawl is asked to complete the Prayer Shawl Log, indicating the date the shawl is taken, who the shawl is being given to, whether the recipient is a Peace Lutheran member, the reason for giving the shawl, and who is taking the shawl.

Prayer Shawl Request Form (a PDF file).

Prayer Shawl Ministry Patterns (a PDF file).