Scrip Program

Scrip Participants

We have been fortunate over the past several years to offer the opportunity to fundraise for various Peace programs through our partnership with CompuScrip. CompuScrip has recently announced they are retiring their business and have provided us with a new vendor which we are excited to partner with moving forward. We believe this new program will be a great option for all as it allows the option to order e-cards real time instead of ordering and waiting for physical cards to arrive. There are more than 280 vendors to purchase from including our local options such as Fareway and HyVee.

To get started:

  • Head to
  • Click ‘Join Your Scrip Program’. Peace’s unique enrollment code is 2552BCBA28539
  • Fill in all the required information and click ‘Register
  • Choose two security challenge questions from the list and provide answers. Keep in mind that your answers are case-sensitive.


PrestoPay is the easy and secure online payment method that allows for funds to be electronically transferred directly from your checking account. This is the only way cards can be purchased–checks and/or cash will no longer be accepted for payment. PrestoPay will require a few extra steps initially to get you enrolled and to ensure security of your information but once the setup is complete each purchase afterwards is very quick.

To enroll in PrestoPay follow these easy steps:

  1. Find the link under the Family Functions on your Dashboard in ShopWithScrip
  2. Enter your bank account information
  3. Great Lakes Scrip Center will then deposit two small amounts into your bank account
  4. Enter those amounts in your PrestoPay registration to verify your account
  5. Choose a pin and click “Next
  6. Once the approval code appears on your screen, send this to the coordinator ( who will ensure your account is then ready for all future purchases


An additional benefit is the mobile accessibility of ShopWithScrip. Simply head to on your smartphone browser and login with your ShopWithScrip account (set up above). Shop ScripNow, pay securely with PrestoPay, manage your eCards, and redeem them right from your Apple or Android device. Keep earning rebates on the go!

There are so many benefits to having a ShopWithScrip account:

  • Check your account activity
  • Reload gift cards you already own
  • Run your own rebate history
  • Purchase and print ScripNow eCards
  • Create personalized shopping lists
  • Purchase and receive your card(s) while on the go

The CompuScrip program is no longer available as of May 1, 2018. Login and set up your accounts today to continue earning rebates towards PeaceCare, Preschool, Camps, and/or Youth trips.

Earning scrip rebates has never been easier. Order ScripNow today!