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Sign up and join inLooking to get involved at Peace Lutheran? You’ve come to your one-stop source to connect with groups and events happening in our congregation and community.

Check out the brief descriptions below and sign up to participate. Any questions? Call 363-3683.

We also invite you to check out these pages on the website for lots of info on ministries, groups and what’s new here at Peace:

  • Welcome to Peace Lutheran: info for new members and those curious about worship, staff, council, our history and hosting events at Peace.
  • Ministries at Peace Lutheran: info about our ministries for Children, Youth, Adults and Seniors, as well as groups and upcoming events.
  • Mission & Outreach: called to serve? Find out about the many ways we contribute to our community and world.
  • Music: Feel a song comin’ on? Find out about our groups for kids and adults and upcoming special services.
  • Calendar: Time, date and place, as well as info!

Special MyPeace Login Instructions

  1. Go to MyPeace.
  2. Click on “Need a Login? Click here.”
  3. You will be asked to enter your first name, last name and email address. Enter the information and then click “find me.”
  4. You should see a note congratulating you on setting up your account. Once you see that note, check your email for your username and temporary password.
  5. If the system was unable to locate your record, we may have some information incomplete or inaccurate in our records. Simply call the office at 361-3693 and we will verify that we have the right information on file.

Now you have your login! Here is your assignment:

  1. Look at your personal information and update it as needed.
  2. See if you can find your PDF Tax Statement and download it.
  3. Set up your information to make a monetary donation to our general fund.
  4. Reply to with your feedback.