Small Groups

Small Groups for Adults

Social Groups for Adults at Peace LutheranDuring our 2014 Dreams of Peace sessions, it was unanimous that members want to feel connected through small groups. Several groups have formed in the past year — and there is always room for more.

Review the list below for information about groups currently meeting at Peace. If you have a group you want to be a part of, or would like to create a new group, contact Intern Pastor Renae Boehmer at

Small Groups at Peace Lutheran

Mommy and Me is a group of women with small children who meet a couple times a month. “I don’t have many friends in the area,” said Brittney Binger. “I don’t see these women every day/week yet I know they all like me, accept me for who and what I am and that we all share the same love for God and for our children.” Brittney said all are welcome to join the group. Brenda DeBore participated in Mommy and Me also and sums up the group with one word, “Validating!” Validating as a mother, woman and a Christian.

Single Moms meet together monthly to support one another and build friendships in a social setting.

Ladies’ Book Club if you love to read then this group is for you. It gives you the opportunity to meet new people and have some adult time. Missy DeSchepper says adult time doesn’t happen enough for her.“I don’t get a lot of time for that outside of work. And I got to meet some really great people! I really enjoy our time together and the new friendships I’ve made!”

Couples with Kids is a vibrant group of parents with preschool and elementary age children who gather monthly to share fun, faith and caring conversation in their homes. We want to meet YOU!

Other Small Group Opportunities
Interested in forming groups for Singles, Empty Nesters, Freezer Meals, Movie Maniacs, Book Study, or a new group not listed here? Contact Renae.