The Giving Jar

Children Sharing Their Gifts

The Giving Jar at PeaceChildren are able to participate in so many aspects of worship as full participants – and the offering is one of them. At offering time, kids are invited to bring forward a coin or a bill to place in the Giving Jar at the front of the sanctuary.

How does this help your child?

  • Kids learn that they are active participants in worship – that this isn’t a place just for, or even primarily for, adults. Worshiping God is for them, too.
  • It gives kids an opportunity to get up and stretch their muscles. Sitting for a long time is very difficult for some children. A few stretch breaks can help them be less fidgety and more engaged.
  • Sharing is a skill many parents wish to teach their children. If you talk with them about how this money benefits other children and families and, as they get older, help them earn some of the money they share, this will be a meaningful stewardship lesson.
  • Worship is not a spectator sport. When they actively participate in it, they realize that the promises proclaimed are for them, too.

Some of the organizations and individuals who have benefited from the proceeds of the Giving Jar include:

Ronald McDonald House – Grill, bedding  and household supplies

McCrossan Boys Ranch – Recreational supplies

Heartland House – Snacks and supplies

Helping Hands for Haiti – School supplies for children in Jumelle, Haiti

Peace Lutheran Youth Gathering Participants

The Banquet – Towel sets and movie tickets

Teddy Bear Den – Diapers and Bible story books


Outlaw Ranch – Camera

YMCA Leif Ericson – Teepee skin

Lutheran World Relief – Mosquito nets

Child Protection – Scrapbooks for foster children

Children’s Inn – Cereal and grocery cards

Children’s Home Society – Outdoor toys

Lutherans Outdoors – Camperships

Kids Against Hunger – Meals for Kids in Haiti and other places

Want to learn more? Have a suggestion for an organization that serves children, youth and families you would like to see benefit from our offerings? Contact Pam Tetzlaff at or call 361-3683.