Time and Talents

Giving Your Time and TalentsSharing Your Time & Talents

Sharing your gifts at Peace goes beyond financial contributions. Our congregation is filled with energetic, caring members who contribute to the rich fabric of church life and our mission in the world by volunteering time or sharing their unique gifts.

Below are only a few of the ways you can serve. Please check out our Time & Talents FormCLICK HERE — to see everything you might want to get involved with, then download and fill it out, or print and fill it out. You can email to Office Manager Lisa Fowler at lisa@peacelutheran.com or drop yours off at the church office.

Have questions? Have ideas of additional ways you can bring your unique gifts to Peace? Call 361-3683 or email info@peacelutheran.com.

Many Ways to Serve at Peace

Worship Support — It takes several dozen volunteers each week to keep our worship services running smoothly. Find out about volunteering as an usher, greeter, reader, acolyte and more.

Music Groups — Gifted with an instrument? Feel called to sing praises to God? Or are you technically-inclined — or willing to learn how to help our musical groups be heard? Learn more here.

Children’s Ministries — Volunteer to help with Sunday School, the Nursery, other children’s programs and by making the materials we incorporate each week in teaching God’s story.

Caring Ministries — As followers of Jesus, we are called to take care of one another. Volunteer your time to help prepare and deliver meals, create care packages for babies, serve on the home communion team, and more.

Mission & Outreach — There are several ways to share the Good News in our community and the larger world. Learn more about our ministries to reach those in need, worship with prisoners, distribute food and commodities, and reach out through service trips around the globe.

Church Council — Do your talents lie in helping craft long-term strategy, in solving problems, and in launching great ideas for the benefit of our community? Learn more about our church council, its role, and how you can participate as a congregational member or elected member of council.