Together in Faith

Family Faith-Building at Peace


Together in Faith events bring whole families together to learn more about what it means to be a Lutheran Christian in an age-appropriate, family-friendly encounter. When we engage with one another in caring conversation and simple teaching, trust in God (faith) grows.

Peace Lutheran Church offers Together in Faith family events according to the following schedule:

Prayer Pillows: Families with children between 2 and 4 years of age are invited to learn about prayer, create a prayer pillow case, and enjoy fellowship with one another. These one-hour events are held in March of each year.

Lord’s Prayer: Families with kindergarteners come together to learn more about the meaning of the Lord’s Prayer, engage in games and activities, and begin to memorize this prayer that Jesus taught us. These one-hour events are held in November of each year.

Ten Commandments: First-graders and their families can memorize the Ten Commandments (and understand what they mean) through actions, games, and activities. This one-hour event is offered in March of each year.

Apostles Creed: Fourth-graders and their families play games and engage in discussions that help them understand our three-in-one God and this statement of our beliefs. Held in February of each year.

Martin Luther: Martin Luther, the father of the Lutheran Church, taught us a great deal about our God who loves us and claims us as his own. Fifth-graders and their families come to learn more about this amazing man and gain a basic understanding of the Lutheran tradition. This family event is held in October of each year.