Worship Volunteers

Volunteering to Serve in Worship

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Volunteering for worship assistance at Peace LutheranWorship is the centerpiece of our life together as God’s people. With six opportunities for worship each week, it takes all of us together to make worship happen — and approximately 75 volunteers weekly.

Every member of Peace Lutheran Church is encouraged to attend worship and also participate — by serving in one of our worship support roles.

  • Ushers — help others navigate our service and sanctuary
  • Greeters — serve as our front line for hospitality for members and visitors alike
  • Scripture Reader — reads aloud in worship and help tell God’s story
  • Basket Holder — is a chance for young worshipers to help with communion distribution
  • Acolyte — is a job for youth, lighting and extinguishing candles to remind us of Christ’s light in the world
  • Tech Support — is a job helping things run smoothly with sound or Power Point slideshow operation
  • Coffee Corner — Set up, clean up and offer a cookie or cup of coffee to worshipers gathering for fellowship
  • Welcome Center — Answer questions and provide information about activities and events
  • Communion Setup or Cleanup — Set the table for communion before worship or clean up after all have been fed

Volunteer to Support Worship

To share your talents with this ministry, contact Jackie Hensley by emailing info@peacelutheran.com or calling the church office at (605) 361-3683.


Detailed Worship Volunteer Instructions


Greeters are stationed at the front door 15-20 minutes before each service and help

welcome people as they arrive for worship.


Please check in 15-20 minutes before the service at the Worship Center, hand out

bulletins and help people find open seats. During the service, help with the offering and

usher people to the altar for communion. After the service, check each pew for bulletins

and other items left behind.


Come up to the altar when called right before communion distribution. The pastor will

hand you either the wafers or the wine. If you are serving the wafers, please say “The

body of Christ given for you” and if you are serving the wine, say “The blood of

Christ shed for you. “ When your section is finished, a pastor will come to give you



Hold the basket for used communion cups. This is a fun way for youth to assist and be part

of the worship team experience.


Read the first reading at the service. The reading is typed out and placed at the podium.

There are copies of the readings at the Welcome Center, and the receptionist will email

the readings to you the week before you are scheduled to read.


You are stationed at the Welcome Center between services to be a friendly and

welcoming presence for visitors and members. Great way to meet new friends.


Operate the slide show for the projector during worship. The slides are prepared in

advance and you are in charge of following along with the service and advancing the

slides. There is a 5 minute tutorial with Communication Director Dustin Pederson.


Arrive 15 minutes before the service and report to the sacristy (the room behind the

organ). The Pastor will meet you there and give you instructions.


You can either help set-up the coffee corner or help clean it up. When you set up the

coffee corner you need to arrive by 7:45 am, to make the coffee using the instructions

posted in the coffee corner. When you volunteer to clean-up you wait until the last service

is over and wash out the coffee makers, wipe up the counter and return the leftover

cookies to the refrigerator.