A Task Force commissioned last summer by the Church Council has completed their year-long work and presented their final report to the Council at the June Council meeting. The Church Council was seeking answers to three questions:

  1. How is our building currently being used?

  2. What are the current issues affecting our ministries because of insufficient or poorly-organized space?

  3. What kind of space do we anticipate needing in the next fifteen years?

Over the course of the year the Task Force has interviewed Program Directors, surveyed the congregation, as well as parents of children enrolled in Children’s Ministry, Confirmation, Preschool, and PeaceCARE. They also visited churches that have recently completed new construction projects to get ideas of what new kinds of spaces churches are finding useful.

Task Force Final Report

The Church Council convened a Task Force to assess how the building is currently being used by the many ministries that share the space here, determine “pinch points” where a lack of adequate space is causing issues, and project space needs for the next fifteen years.

Task Force Index Survey Report

During the course of the year the Task Force interviewed Ministry Directors, surveyed the congregation, and surveyed the parents of preschoolers, Sunday Schoolers, Confirmation students, and Peace Care afterschool kids. This index includes the detailed reports gathered throughout the year.

A Typical Three Days in the Life at Peace

This video of slides will give you an idea of how the building is shared and utilized by its many ministries on any given Monday-Wednesday during the school year.