At Peace, we love to dream

A Peace member recently asked a powerful question, “What if we could create a connection to our worshiping community online?” We love “what if” questions because they allow us to listen to where God’s Spirit is leading. 

So, what if we had the ability to live stream worship…

…to connect with Peace members while on the road (looking at you snowbirds and summer lake-cabin people).

…to create an online worship experience that reaches out to where people are. We know that not everyone will feel comfortable facing the crowds of a Sunday morning, but we know that the Good News of Jesus makes a difference.

…and to enhance our worship experience for those in the sanctuary (and to be honest, all the nooks and crannies we find for worshipers at Christmas and Easter). We heard so many positive comments after borrowing camera systems for Holy Week.

What started as a dream and a “what if” question is now a vision for how Peace can further the story of Jesus in the world. Now is the time to ask the next question, “how?”

We need people to be involved to…

…explore what makes for a meaningful worship experience.

…be a part of our media team by running the slides and the new video system.

…make a financial gift to help pay for the needed equipment to reach out in new ways.

Thanks for being a piece of Peace!

Questions can be sent to