Giving FAQs

Why does Peace ask me to plan my stewardship and fill out a Statement of Intent?

Two reasons! One, we are stewards, called by God to care for all that entrusted to us. Making a plan helps us to live according to what we are. The Statement of Intent form is just one tool that helps us to be better stewards of our financial resources. Two, it helps us plan for ministry for the upcoming year.

How much should I give?

Giving is an act of faith. The Biblical model for giving is a tithe, or 10% or your annual income. Most Christians do not start at 10% but choose a starting percentage point and then work to increase that percentage year by year, by .5 or 1%. See our Giving Tools for tools and help on how to calculate percentage giving and growing.

Where do my offerings to Peace Lutheran go?

Investments to the general mission of Peace Lutheran go to directly support the ministry of Peace by paying for the programs, supplies, salaries, utilities, and everything we need to be a church that reaches out into the world with God’s love. Investments to the Mortgage Fund are used to pay our monthly mortgage.

What kind of impact can my financial stewardship make?

Every gift matters at Peace Lutheran and makes an impact. A gift of $5 a week provides a story Bible and Sunday School material for one student. $125 a month allows for two Stephen Ministry leaders to be trained so we can widen our circle of care. $600 a month covers the cost of our electrical bill for two months so that our building can be open and available for worship, children programing, and recovery ministries. The impact of one is always significant. The impact of many is great!

What’s the most helpful thing I can do?

Sign up for First Fruits or set up your giving online on myPeace. Automated giving helps you to do what you want to do and helps us as a church be confident in our plan for the year.

What if I prefer to give in person with cash or check?

There is something about the physical act of giving that helps us to remember we are stewards. If this is the case for you, by all means you should continue to give this way! Offering envelopes are available to help. There is no wrong way to give at Peace.

I have more questions…

More questions can be sent to info@peacelutheran.com or asked at (605) 361-3683.


Fill out your statement of intent for 2019 by clicking the button below:

Check out some Giving Tools before filling out your intent form:

However you give, the key thing is that you’re giving with an open heart and mind. The process of giving above your normal tithe can help prepare you for God to make a difference in your life. Making a first fruit offering demonstrates obedience to God, rather than your money. 

Get inspired by listening to Rebel Hurd talk about her love for Peace and where that love originated as well as our Peace pastors tell true life stories about how they first got into giving…

Listen to Rachel Kurtz performing “Make a Difference” (the inspiration behind the campaign title) at the 2012 National Youth Gathering below: