How do you determine how, when, and how much you should give as a first fruit offering? This is going to look differently for every person and each season. But here are a few steps you can take to help you get started in the right direction:


If your goal is obedience to God, it only makes sense that you would first go to God in prayer. Ask God what you should do with your money and resources. Listen to what God says.


God calls us to be good stewards of the blessings God gives us. That means knowing what we’re able to give and when. Have a plan in place for your offering. Approach each harvest time with an open mind and a generous heart.


The whole idea behind a first fruit gift is to put God first. That may be donating your first paycheck of the year to the church. It may mean that you put this donation first in your budget. Just make sure that you’re prioritizing God in your finances.


Know where you are going to give the money to. Is there a specific fund at the church you want to contribute to? Is there another nonprofit you want to support? It also helps to know the amount you’ll give.


How often do you want to give a first fruit offering? This was traditionally an annual practice, but you can give as often as you’d like. Making it a part of your routine will help keep it a priority, not something you do spontaneously or sporadically.

However you give, the key thing is that you’re giving with an open heart and mind. The process of giving above your normal tithe can help prepare you for God to make a difference in your life. Making a first fruit offering demonstrates obedience to God, rather than your money. 

Rachel Kurtz

Saturday, October 27th

7PM | Remedy Brewing Company


Sunday, October 28th

7PM | Peace Lutheran Church

Rachel’s song “Make a Difference” was the inspiration behind our campaign title and we’re happy to share it with everyone LIVE!

You have two opportunities to catch her for FREE and we just can’t wait. Sponsored in part by Peace’s Endowment Fund

Rachel Kurtz is a Minnesota-based singer/songwriter whose distinctive voice infuses her organic instrumentation to wash over and through the listener. Her subtle blend of style reveals folk pop sensibilities with a healthy does of soul. Audiences across the country resonate with Rachel's music

Listen to Rachel Kurtz’s performing “Make a Difference” at the 2012 National Youth Gathering below: