Children and youth between Kindergarten and 8th grade will be a part of Peace Lutheran's 2019 Christmas Musical.

Angel Alert!

"Angel" means "messenger," and what better way to spread the message at Christmas time than with angels! In Angel Alert!, created by Celeste Clydesdale and arranged by David T. Clydesdale, our entire children's choir will be made up of angels! In fact, they’re all waiting to be told when to go to earth and make the grand announcement. As they wait for the call, they review God's faithfulness through His promises and some of the prophecies about the Savior's birth. This musical is full of worship and plenty of celebration, since the angels understand the love God has for His people in sending His Son to earth.

General registration open until October 18th

Large group rehearsals will be November 24th & December 8th | 2:30-4:15PM

*Majority of song learning will be done in Sunday/Wednesday School large group opening time

Join us for the program as our children present all their hard work on:

December 15th | 3PM
Peace Sanctuary


High schoolers and adults are invited to join in as volunteers. There are a variety of ways to be involved, each with a different time commitment. Email Pam to get involved!

Pam LT - no words.jpg

Pam Tetzlaff

Director of Faith Formation

Darya LT - no words.jpg

Darya Levesque

Musical Director