Children and youth between Kindergarten and 8th grade will be a part of Peace Lutheran's 2019 Christmas Musical.

If you’d like a solo or speaking part, register by September 30th

Auditions start September 29th
Scheduled upon registration

General registration open until October 18th

Large group rehearsals will be November 24th & December 8th | 2:30-4:15PM

*Majority of song learning will be done in Sunday/Wednesday School large group opening time

Join us for the program as our children present all their hard work on:

December 15th | 3PM
Peace Sanctuary


High schoolers and adults are invited to join in as volunteers. There are a variety of ways to be involved, each with a different time commitment. Email Pam to get involved!


Pam Tetzlaff

Director of Faith Formation

Darya Levesque

Musical Director