Our hope is that all children should know that Jesus loves them –  and that they experience that love every day at home and every week at church.

Our weekly Sunday and Wednesday School programs allow children from 6-months through 5th grade to hear and experience stories from the Bible through hands-on activities.

 We’re looking for volunteers - we have many different volunteer opportunities available. Volunteers can be anyone in 6th grade and above!

Click the button below to fill out our short volunteer form. Any questions can be directed to Pam@peacelutheran.com.

Peace’s Sunday and Wednesday School program goes from September 8th/11th, 2019 to May 17th/20th, 2020. The three weekly options are Sundays at 9:00am, Sundays at 10:10am, and Wednesdays at 6:15pm. Each age group is always accompanied by an adult volunteer.

We believe children grow more in faith when they see their parent/guardian learning, singing, and praying with them - get involved by filling out the form above!


This class is for those kids through 3 years of age and accompanied by a parent. You have the choice of enrolling your child in this class or with the Preschool section that is more like a regular classroom model. There is a teacher that leads the class. They do various activities like sing songs, read a Bible story, do a craft project, have a snack, etc.


This class is for those kids ages 3 through not yet in Kindergarten. Each week, the kids will participate in Large Group Opening (where they will sing some songs and talk about the Bible story of they day), read the story from the Spark Story Bible, do a craft, and various other activities as time allows. We spend three weeks talking about the same story but in different ways each week.

Lower Elementary

This session is for those kids ages Kindergarten through 3rd grade as of September 2019. This is a rotational based session where the kids will participate in Large Group Opening and then go to their scheduled workshop session. We use the Spark Story Bible and curriculum. We spend three weeks on one story learning it in different ways.

Upper Elementary

This class is for those kids in 4th through 5th grade. We use the Connect Bible and curriculum for this age group. They will be digging into a new Bible story each week. Students are encouraged to have their bibles each week and are welcome to leave them in the classroom.

Pam and Tammy

Children’s Ministry Directors

Contact them with any questions!

Director - Pam Tetzlaff (pam@peacelutheran.com)

Assistant Director - Tamara Shaw (tamara@peacelutheran.com)